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Leitta Donna Mayers delivers compelling motivational keynotes, seminars, workshops, training sessions, and general speeches to live audiences in an engaging and dynamic manner. Having worked in several fields, Leitta specializes in working closely with Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Directors, and VPs, on issues that are pertinent to an organization’s wellbeing. Some of her specialties include, but are not limited to, the implementation of change within an organization via company culture, consumer/ coworker relations, networking, leadership, and teamwork/teambuilding.

Leitta consults with individuals on how to efficiently and strategically achieve either company or personal goals and objectives. Her work focuses on building and enhancing interpersonal skills in an effort to improve and manage relationships both within and outside of an organization. This directly correlates to personal development. Much of Leitta’s material is centered on motivating and incorporating inspiration, positive mindset/attitude, and goal setting techniques that empower individuals towards achieving peak productivity/performance.

Leitta works well with the public and clients at all levels. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business, minor in economics, and an MBA degree. She is a performance oriented, problem solver with excellent analytical skills and a track record of optimizing productivity, reducing cost, and increasing profit contributions. She has well-developed teambuilding and leadership skills, with experience in training and coaching others.

Leitta actively evaluates her audiences/recipients and adapts her presentations and content to her recipient’s receptiveness and characteristics. She utilizes adult learning principles to create educational outlets that are easy to follow and understand.

Leitta always seeks to speak in a way that stirs her audience members towards action. She is passionate about helping others discover and live out their passions and personal visions. Her goal is always to inspire people to do something, and it’s typically displayed via increased performance, productivity, and enthusiasm, whether that’s within the organization or without.

Leitta has an interest in the acquisition of knowledge, economic empowerment, and theology. She has sat on the board for the National Black MBA association as the chair of Community Relations. In that role, she worked on issues that plague inner city communities such as overcoming adversity and handling diversity related issues. She has been an active member of various other organizations and has held vital roles with Toastmasters International and the Beverly Hills Association of Realtors. In her spare time, she finds joy in supporting human and animal rights causes. She leads a 460 member (and growing) adventure group and consistently posts to her personal blog called Carib Bookworm, where she encourages the embracement of individuality and promotes inspiration, philosophy, and art. Useful quotes, interpretations, book reviews, beautiful places, and unique experiences that INSPIRE new thoughts, growth, and development are provided periodically via the Carib Bookworm blog.

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