The Mind

Our thoughts are extremely powerful. Everything on this earth that we are surrounded by is the result of someone’s thoughts that have flourished and manifested into a reality. Our brain is always working, even when we are not. It never stops, never sleeps, never lays idle- but keeps going- allowing us to take in information both consciously & subconsciously. During the day when are alert, we have the power to determine what kinds and types of information that we will feed our mind on a consistent basis. If we choose to feed our minds garbage, we will inadvertently or advertently expel garbage out into our environment, surroundings & society, which affects us internally. If we feed our mind love, we will manifest love, if we feed it fear, we will manifest fear and so on. We have the power to determine whether or not we will allow our mind to serve us, or serve it… For example, when we aren’t able to control certain addictions, we are in a way- a servant to our mind and it’s thoughts, thus our mind becomes our master, but if we take control of those addictions in our lives, or the thoughts that propel those addictions forward, we are then able to utilize our mind as a beautiful servant- to acquire out of life all that we deem necessary for true happiness and fulfillment. & so it behooves us to manage the thoughts in our mind for good, for happiness, & for all of those things that we love and that will contribute to time well spent… “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you’d never think a negative thought again”-Anonymous